About Us


How it Began

After a small renovation at our house, I wanted to change the house colour.   Not knowing exactly what colour I liked or how it would look on the house I decided to get some sample pots of paints.  7 pots of paints, numerous brushes, rollers, trays oh and the clean up, (man those rollers are hard to get paint out of!). 




Over the coming days/weeks I painted sample after sample on walls both inside and outside the house. They were so small and the colour would look different depending on where I had painted it. I continued to go back and make the test patch bigger and bigger each time. 


Each time having to wash out the brushes, trays, rollers. (I may have tossed a few rollers away as I did not clean them properly the previous time and they were all crunchy!). Let's just leave that between you and I, my husband doesn’t need to know that :). This all led me to believe that there must be an easier way!

The cost of the numerous paint sample tins, the paint trays, the rollers and brushes all added up. Then it was finding the time to shop for these items, time to prepare and then paint.

Now, where to start! The wall next to the kitchen, the kids room, the hall way, the bedroom (the colour had to be checked in all different lights, room sizes, room furnishings.  Concern of interference of background colours already on the walls.)

This went on and on and before I knew it there was paint everywhere, on so many different walls and what  started out to be a small samples quite quickly became rather large paintings all over my walls.


I wanted something easy and that I could see without having to use my magnifying glass.

My solution-


Mess free samples

Accurate colour, made with real paint

Self adhesive

Reusable and able to be repositioned (great for the environment)

Large sizes samples

Cost effective

Time effective