How to Use

How to use

Simply peel and stick.

For best results apply to a clean, dry, smooth and properly cured wall surface.  Do not apply to freshly painted walls.


Where to use

Use on different wall surfaces inside and outside your house.  Place the samples around your home to see how they appear in both natural and artificial lights.  Keep in mind that paint colour can change dramatically throughout the course of the day and night.



There is very little preparation required. This is the beauty of The Big Paint Sample.  Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying the sample.



Peel the backing off one corner and continue to remove the top ¼ of the sample.  Stick the top sticky peeled section to the wall and smooth out any bubbles.

Continue to unpeel the backing little sections at a time, to ensure a smooth finish. 

Please watch the application video if you need help.




Start from either the top or bottom corner and gently unpeel the corner.  Peel the sample upwards or downwards depending on where you started, keeping the sample close to the wall (doubling back on itself).  Do not pull the sample toward yourself as this may pull off the paint.  Use a slow gently motion to remove.  If you do not intend sticking the sample to another surface straight away, we recommend keeping the backing and reapplying the sample to it. This will keep the sticky backing dust free and effective for longer.