Stop wasting time and money on sample pots.

The Big Paint Sample. 100% accurate colour representation.

5 Reasons to Stop using Sample Pots of Paint.


Painting your house is a big deal. It needs to be done right. The colour needs to be perfect. You see it every day.


You’ve narrowed it down to three colours (or maybe more) and been to the paint shop and bought the sample pots. 


You paint some samples on the wall and make your decision… “I’m going with this colour.”


The last thing you want after doing all this is to find that the colour you’ve painted your house is different to what you sampled. Trust me, I know!!!


Not only is this disappointing and frustrating, its also very expensive.  You’ve spent all this money on sample pots and equipment and then paid the painter to do the job. “That colour doesn't look anything like my sample pot!”


With The Big Paint Sample, buying sample pots of paints is fast becoming the “old way” to sample colours!


  1. Swatches, fan decks, A4 cards are printed with ink.  Not paint, ink!  This is the best representation of the paint colour made by a printer. Its not the real paint.
    • The Big Paint Sample is painted with two coats of genuine paint. It is the truest representation of the colour. Its exactly what your painter will be using.


  1. Small sample pots may not 100% accurate because of their size.  There is not enough volume in the pots and it can be hard to add exactly the right amount of tint, leaving you with an inaccurate colour.
    • The Big Paint Sample uses 2 or 4 litre paint tins.


  1. Background colour interference can make a big difference if you are painting samples onto darker walls.  Unless you apply an undercoat and then 2 coats of your sample paint, you will not be getting a true representation of your colour.  This is two coats of paint from the same tin onto brick and The Big Paint Sample. Even we were amazed by the difference.
    • The Big Paint Sample is opaque. It acts like an undercoat to block out any underlaying colours.

 background colour interference


  1. Time consuming and messy (you end up with samples painted everywhere!)  You need to see your sample colours in all different lights. The time of day and the amount of sun can make a big difference to the look of a colour. Different rooms are the same. You need to check out each room to see how the colour looks in there.
    • The Big Paint Sample is removable and reusable. Put them up in your lounge room and see how the colours look over the course of a day or so. When you are happy with that room, pull them down and move them somewhere else. No Mess, No Fuss.

same colour different light


  1. The sample size needs to be big enough to show the effects of reflected light and also to see how the colour works with existing colours and furnishings in your house.  You almost need a magnifying glass to see those tiny colour swatches.
    • The Big Paint Sample is 60cm x 37cm. Plenty big enough to get an idea of how your new colour is going to look in your house. In fact The Big Paint Sample is 185 times bigger than one of those small paint swatches you get from the hardware shop. 

 samples in the lounge


Our customer feedback has been amazing!  They are loving the convenience,  accuracy, size and versatility of The Big Paint Sample.  


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