Dulux Sapphire Stone


Sapphire Stone

Choose your perfect Dulux colour.

2 coats of genuine Dulux paint, no background colour interference.

No mess, no fuss, peel and stick.

The depth of Sapphire Stone makes for a versatile colour. It enhances the drama of formal rooms and is perfect for accents. It pairs well with warm whites such as Natural White™, Whisper White or Antique White U.S.A.®, the crisp white of Lexicon® Half.

Check out what Dulux Ireland has to say: The colour sapphire generally refers to a velvety cornflower blue that looks fabulous in almost every interior space. Try combining accents of sapphire with crisp white to evoke the cool blue of the Mediterranean sea, or pair it with other jewel-like Dulux paint colours, such as emerald, turquoise or topaz for a more daring decorative scheme. Go on, be brave!

Couldn't have said it better myself!